1. Follow Discord Guidelines and ToS
    Just don’t violate basic Discord Rules.
  2. Be Respectful
    Toxic behavior will not be tolerated. Do not harass/ insult other users. Treat people the way you yourself would like to be treated. The same applies to how you should respect the server - do not spam.
  3. No Drama/ Politics
    This is a weeb server, not a breeding ground for pushing your Personal / Emotional / Political agenda. Do not provoke others with Emotional / Personal attacks & refrain from Political Correctness. Keep content relevant to the series, and refrain from toxicity.
    If another user is causing problems, do NOT make it worse - contact mod staff instead. Similarly, if you have feedback about moderating, make sure to contact staff via DM. There is no need to make a scene.
  4. No Promotion
    Refrain from promoting any products/ online platforms/ services. If there is anything relevant to the series worth promoting, contact staff first.
  5. Post Content In Their Respective Channels
    Channels exist in order to keep the community organized and civil. Please make use of them appropriately.
  6. Mark Spoilers
    Please use the newly implanted spoiler-tagging method in order to make sure that comments/ pics don’t spoil content for other users.
  7. NSFW
    Refrain from posting any form of blatant nudity/ sexual activity.
Community content is available under CC-BY-SA unless otherwise noted.